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Minimally invasive laser therapy of endometriosis


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Unfulfilled desire to have children due to endometriosis? - Gentle help possible with ELLA laser therapy

Severe pain during and outside of prolonged and sometimes heavy menstruation? Family planning is not progressing? And even the most beautiful triviality in the world causes discomfort? The cause of the symptoms may be tissue similar to endometrium, which accumulates outside the uterine cavity in the abdominal cavity. The so-called endometriosis foci can even pass through menstruation. However, the detached mucosa remains in the body and cannot drain, which can lead to inflammation, adhesions and cysts in the ovary.

Endometriosis can be an extremely painful disease and it is one of the most common gynecological diseases, with about 40,000 women suffering from it in Germany every year. However, not everyone is affected by the above symptoms in the same way. Some experience only mild symptoms, others no symptoms at all. Some even have an unfulfilled desire to have children, which is due to the disease.

Until now, endometriosis has been considered a permanent disease that can only be completely cured in individual cases. For many, the only hope is in menopause, because the symptoms usually disappear after the last menstrual period and the accompanying hormonal change.

There are several treatment options. Female hormones can be used to immobilize the endometriosis lesions. In this case, menstruation is suppressed or shortened over a longer period of time. During a laparoscopy, it is also possible to have the lesions, adhesions and cysts removed. In ELLA laser therapy, this is achieved using laser energy. A thin laser fiber is used for this purpose, which can be precisely applied to the tissue to be treated. The advantage of the targeted work is that healthy tissue can be preserved and scarring is reduced. Adhesions can be avoided and pain usually decreases thanks to laser therapy. In addition, the probability of pregnancy can be significantly increased.