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Minimally invasive laser therapy of endometriosis


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Abdominal pain even without menstruation - Possible diagnosis of endometriosis

The symptoms of endometriosis are varied, which is why diagnosis is not easy and often occurs late. Also, the symptoms do not always manifest themselves in the same way in those affected. Some have no complaints, others only mild or even very severe. In most cases, however, severe pain is part of endometriosis. They can occur during and outside of prolonged and heavy menstruation, as well as during and after sexual intercourse. Bleeding and painful bowel and bladder emptying also occur.

A visit to the doctor and a gynecological examination are essential for diagnosis. During the physical exam, specific areas around the uterus are examined for pain, as well as for lumps and hardening in the connective tissues of the pelvis. It also includes an examination of the vagina using a vaginal scope.

Subsequently, an ultrasound examination can help detect cysts in the ovary and so-called endometriosis foci. The foci are tissue similar to endometrium that accumulates outside the uterine cavity in the abdomen. This can even pass through menstruation, leaving the detached mucosa in the body. Inflammation, adhesions and cysts can be the result.

For the final diagnosis, a laparoscopy is performed. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and a thin tube with a camera is inserted into the abdomen to view smaller foci and cysts. Tissue samples can also be taken for more detailed examination.

If it is definitely endometriosis, hormone therapy can help. This involves stopping or shortening menstruation for a longer period of time in order to slow down the growth of the lesions. In addition, removal of the foci may be useful to relieve pain and increase the likelihood of pregnancy. ELLA laser therapy uses a thin laser fiber in such a treatment, which allows precise work and spares healthy tissue. The risk of adhesions and scarring as well as postoperative pain are minimized thanks to ELLA, allowing a quick return to everyday life.